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Monday, May 3, 2010

My Newest Obsession :P

I just got an iPod touch, and honestly, I AM OBSESSED.

When I'm at school I catch myself texting to Tray and Hali all the time. And, I never even notice that I'm on all the time; unless the iPod turns off from a dead battery when I come home, when I really get those thumbs moving.

Anyway, you should go out and get one. I think it's the best present I have ever gotten from my parents, it's amazing. I'm thinking about getting one for my cousin in a few months, just to text him. He-he, I know he'd be thrilled.

And, I like how I can just swipe my finger across the screen and it scrolls.

Anyway, I'm usually on this more than the computer. So, this is my new best friend. :) Sorry, Dee.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Free IMVU Credits : Just Use MetaRL!

If you are a member of IMVU, you know how hard it is to get credits. And credits are so important to making the IMVU experience it's best.

But why waste money on virtual points? Oh, shouldn't there be an easier way?

There is. May I introduce to you MetaRL!

MetaRL is a free service-site that gives you FREE IMVU CREDITS for playing games, completing tasks, and participating in contests. MetaRL is the fastest, easiest, and most dependable way to earn FREE IMVU CREDITS. It's safe, confidential, and sign-up is a snap!

  • How Does MetaRL Work?
    MetaRL gives you "MetaPoints" for completing tasks. The MetaPoints can be exchanged with the website for IMVU credits. Currency on is for every MetaPoint you get an IMVU credit. For example: 100 MetaPoints = 100 IMVU credits.
  • Is MetaRL Safe for My IMVU Account?
    Yes, MetaRL is the safest website to use if you want to earn free IMVU credits. The credits are given as gifts, which means you will not have to provide your account password. It's safe and confidential.
  • Can I Only Earn Credits?
    No, there are many things to earn from MetaRL. Not only can you earn IMVU credits, but you can also earn your FREE AVATAR NAME! So, you can have the annoying "Guest_" taken out of your avatar's name.
  • Does MetaRL Sponsor Other Websites?
    Yes, you can also earn points to spend on Second Life lindens and Gaia gold. So, the MetaRL works for all of your virtual social websites.

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